Union County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Union County, FL, is not densely populated. With 15,483 residents in 2013 it is considered one of the smallest counties in Florida. Nevertheless, crime rate is higher than what we would expect from a small county. The FDLA (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) reports that in the course of 2013, 53 violent crimes occurred in the county. These crimes included 3 murders, 5 serious sex offenses, 7 cases of robbery and 29 aggravated assaults. Law enforcement authorities made 618 arrests (of which almost 7 per cent included minors). In face of these not so encouraging data, it is perfectly understood why people may want to conduct a Union County warrant search in order to check the background of those they come in contact with on a regular basis.

Initiating a warrant check

The website run by the sheriff presents a short wanted persons list which you will probably find to be  insufficient for a background check. To obtain detailed information on the county’s outstanding warrants, you ought to arrive at the sheriff office in person and ask their permission to delve into their criminal archives.

Online sources are a good solution for those who want to run a search without leaving their house. The Florida Crime Information Center has an open search tool that exhibits FL outstanding warrants.

Moreover, this website is connected to a large database that reveals a person’s criminal past (the search is on top of this page). The searcher’s anonymity is imperative.

Initiating an arrest search

To get Union County arrest records, searchers are advised to refer to the FDLA’s criminal history information webpage. It contains an electronic query tool that depicts a person’s criminal background in all of the state’s counties.

To limit your query to the county, we advise contacting the jail administrator (386-496-2501). For your information, Union County Jail is a small facility with 36 beds. It populates convicted and non-convicted inmates.

Finding Public Records

Union County public records are stored by the clerk of courts, but you do not need to physically arrive at their office. You can do an online query:

For official records, go to: http://www.unionclerk.com/htmlpages/searchpublicrecords.html.

For court records, go to https://www2.myfloridacounty.com/ccm/?county=63.