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Database Update on May 28, 2024

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Volusia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Volusia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Learn how to conduct a Volusia County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Check about yourself & other people using this website's background check tool.
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Volusia County Arrest records and Warrant Search

If there is a Volusia County arrest warrant against you it means that the police believe you have broken the law to such an extent that it has become urgent to take you into custody. More importantly, they have succeeded in convincing a judge to think the same and, therefore, to sign the warrant. Once it is signed it becomes active and from that moment on you can be incarcerated no matter where you are, even if you move to another county in Florida. This is why in is important to check if there is an order for your arrest to avoid unwanted surprises.

Basic instruction for a warrant search in Volusia County

Unlike some other FL counties, the county sheriff website does not have an online search option. So to conduct a Volusia County Warrant search, you will need to physically arrive at their office and ask to be given access to their outstanding warrant archive. Their address is:

123 W. Indiana Avenue DeLand, FL 32720 P.O. Box 569 DeLand, FL 32721-0569 Telephone number: 386-736-5961

If it turns out that there is an arrest order carrying your name, you might end up in jail. So caution is required. If you wish avoid any contact with the sheriff office, The Florida Crime Information Center offers an online warrant database that covers the entire state.

Tips for carrying out arrest search

To initiate a Volusia arrest records search, you are advised to go to the Criminal History Information section on the FDLA website. Their service will allow you to check a person's criminal background. For each search you will have to pay $24. If you are interested in more than one search it can be relatively expensive. Another option is to use the search form here on this webpage. It will show you a person's criminal history including all Volusia County outstanding arrest warrants and arrest records. Results will appear within a couple of seconds and all the details you will give will remain strictly confidential.

Volusia County Inmate Search

The Division of Correction has a public online search that will present updated records about Volusia County inmates serving time in jail. You will have to fill in a form containing details such as the inmate's first and second name, sex and booking number and date.

Finding Volusia County Public Records

The website of the County's Clerk of the Circuit Court offers access to all sorts of public records that include court records and court cases inquiry, criminal inquiry and arrest report for the last 24 hours. You can also gain access to civil records, such as child support files and marriage licenses.

Crime Statistics

Taking into account Volusia County's population size (498,978)  – a number of 37,293 arrests in 2013 is considered relatively high. That year, the county's law enforcement agencies had to deal with 24 homicide cases, 226 sex offenses, more than 400 robberies and 1,433 aggravated assaults.