Walton County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

There can be abundant reasons for initiating a Walton County warrant search. For example, you have started dating a new person and you wish to find out whether he or she has a criminal history. Another example, you are considering hiring a new employee for your business and it is important to you to check his background.

So to locate Walton County arrest warrants, you should arrive at the sheriff office in person and go over their criminal archives. Their location is 752 Triple G Road, Florida 32433 (north office) and 133 Sheriff Drive, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (south office). Caution is advised: in case it is discovered that there is an outstanding warrant with your name on it, the chances are that you will get arrested.

To minimize risks, we suggest concentrating your efforts on an online warrant query. There are 3 suitable sources for that purpose:

  1. The sheriff’s website presents the county’s wanted fugitives. This list is updated regularly.
  2. Florida Crime Information Center maintains an online database that stores statewide warrant information. You can search this database for free.
  3. The search tool above is recommended for running a full background check on any person in Florida. Results will include arrest records and outstanding warrants issued in Walton County plus other counties in Florida.

Instructions for an arrest search

To recover Walton County arrest records, you should first initiate a computerized inmate search to find out who is held in the county jail. If results are not satisfactory, you also have an option to use the crime information history database offered to the public by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. You will be required to pay $24 per search.

Walton County public records

To recover court records you will need to gain access to Walton County public records. The clerk of courts can help you with that. Their website enables visitors to run a case search and to look for official records.

Court records unfold a person’s prior convictions and thus they are considered valuable information when inquiring about a person’s past.

Crime statistics

During 2013, the county’s law enforcement authorities made 4,185 arrests. Rate of violence reached 361.7. 209 violent offenses were committed. These offenses consisted of 3 murders, 30 sex offenses, 6 robbery cases and 170 aggravated assaults.